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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


At church on Sunday the pastor showed a music video called "Dad Life" and it was too funny not to share.  You can watch it here

I tend to be the parent who spends the most time with our kids.  I have always viewed my role as more of the care taker/nurturer while Garrett is more of the "fun parent".  It always felt like he was the one who would get Garrison laughing until he cried or make Ethan smile (every time) if he was crying...and then hand him back to me to feed him (haha!).  Don't get me wrong - we have been really good at parenting/disciplining consistently and together but I'm talking more about the responsibility part of parenting. 

I have come to realize though that while Garrett may not be giving the baths or fixing the dinner he plays a MUCH bigger part in their lives than it may seem on the surface.  I have heard Dr. Phil say time and time again that the biggest influence in a child's life is the same sex parent.  I like to think Garrison takes after me in a lot of ways but Garrett is the one who has the most influence over him.  When Garrison is on the field playing baseball it's always Garrett he looks to for approval/direction.  When Garrison has big news he always wants to share it with Daddy to see what his response will be.  When Garrison has a question that I sometimes (okay, most of the time) don't have an answer to his response is always, "Let's ask Daddy about that".  While I hate to admit it Garrett can usually always calm Ethan down when he is crying. 

I like to think I am Super Woman/Wife/Mom but the truth is I need Garrett.  I need him as a husband, a father, a best friend, a support system.  God has transformed both of us into becoming what each other needs and what our kids need.  And we are far from perfect.  I look forward to seeing God's continued work on and in our lives to help us become even more for each other and for our boys.

People always talk about Moms having the special touch or just the right words.  And I think that is so important... but let us moms not forget that our kids also need that encouragement from/time with Dad.  I have learned that instead of nagging my husband about what all he is doing wrong I will choose to encourage him and praise him for all he is doing right.


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