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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Take a Chance

I have always had the attitude that if I want something I have make it happen.  I can think of many significant times in my life where I took a chance on something or someone and it made a huge impact.  Some of those moments were hitting on Garrett (yeah, pretty much) when I saw him at a friend's house at the age of 16, getting married at 19 and moving across country with Garrett for his Navy career, and having many, many, many jobs.  People always tease me about how many jobs I've had but moving on to new jobs has been the only way I have been able to make more money and gain more experience. 

I strongly believe that if you want something you should go for it... take a chance.  I hear so many people complain about their lives or their jobs.  Do something about it!  God has come through for me so many times but He doesn't just hand things to me.  I ask him (and sometimes ask some more, and some more) and then sometimes I finally realize that He wants me to have something but He wants me to go out and get it myself.  Unless you have people in your life handing you everything (which I think is a meaningless way to live anyways) how are you ever going to appreciate what you have?  How are you ever going to appreciate what you had to work so hard for?  How are you going to teach your kids to work hard for what they want?

I took a HUGE chance by accepting a part time position at a new company recently.  I have been with the same company for 2 and a half years and get paid very well so to take a cut in hours and start with a new company is pretty scary.  But after much prayer I know this is the right decision for me and my family.  I can stay in a company I am unhappy with, continue to watch great people leave day after day, continue to work in a negative environment, continue to run ridiculous personal errands for the owner of my company (I'll definitely have to share more on that subject later), continue working for a company I am not proud to be a part of... OR I can choose to be part of a company I am proud of, I can choose to take a cut in pay to spend more time with my husband and kids, I can choose to get into a different industry and have a totally different career path. 

We make choices every day.  People may temporarily give you handouts but ultimately what you do with your life is completely up to you.

What chances have you been wanting to take?  What has been holding you back?  I say go for it!  What's the worst that can happen?!


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