Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Life of a Baseball Mom

I thought I would never be the mom who spent 4 days a week at a baseball field.  That is more than half of my free days in a week. 

I never thought the highlight of my week would be watching a group of ten 8 year olds play ball.

I never thought our family would drive out to the boon docks to watch Garrison's team play even when he had to sit out with a broken arm.

Never say never.

Garrison's first year playing ball


Here we are, several years later, and I have officially turned into THAT mom.  The "mitt finding, uniform washing, carpool driving, picture taking, always cheering baseball mom"!  And I love it!

I love watching these boys form incredible friendships.  Some will just be for childhood and I have a feeling some will be lifelong. 

I love that we have coaches who are dedicated, encouraging, firm and consistent.  Most of all they are incredible role models for our boys.

I love the incredible group of parents we have.  They are all supportive, encouraging and SO much fun! 

I realize some might find it odd that I would rather be at the ball fields than at Girls' Night Out.  Or that I really do love hosting a slumber party for several burping, farting, rowdy, wrestling crazy 8 year old boys.  But I know these days are numbered.  And I will always treasure them.  Watching my son and his friends learn, laugh, play and grow together is pretty awesome and I feel blessed just to witness it.

Tournament games are fast approaching for the Cubs and I am so excited Garrison will be cleared to play for the last few games of the season.  We are so ready for these boys to take 1st place after working so hard.  Go Cubs! 

We are so proud of you #23!




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