Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend 2014

I hope y'all had a great Easter!  We had such a nice, relaxing Easter weekend.  I am so glad we kept it low key and didn't try to squeeze too much in. 

It was nice to be home with both of my boys on Friday for a change.  We had fun dying Easter eggs!

Friday night we went to One Night to Unite in Wylie.  I am so in love with our town.  I love that all of the city's churches see the importance of coming together and uniting as one body to spread the gospel.  The music and speakers were great!  We went with our life group and had so much fun at the event and at dinner afterwards.

Garrison and his sweet friend, Tyler.
The girls (missing some of them)

Saturday we went to my in-laws' and had a delicious lunch followed by an Easter egg hunt for the kiddos.  We also got to meet my in-laws' sweet new puppy, Sochi.  SO cute!!!

Sunday we went to church and enjoyed an awesome service.  We didn't get a family picture but managed to get a couple of each of us with the boys.  This is the first year Garrison complained about me putting him in a matching sweater vest with his brother.  I'm enjoying it as long as I can find their sizes in the same one... even if that means until they're 24 and 30!  ;)

The big boys went to a Rangers game on Sunday afternoon.  Daddy spoiled Garrison by upgrading their seats and paying for him to be Junior Ranger.  He got lots of goodies and was able to run the bases first at the end of the game. 
Notice my completely clean shaven husband.  :( 
I'm SO glad he's growing it back out already.  Love my bearded, burly man!

Garrison told his daddy at the end of the game, "Daddy, that was the best day of my whole life!  Even better than Six Flags!"...Yep, definitely worth it!  :)



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