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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I used to spend a lot of time with my aunt Melanie and two cousins, Morgan and Riley when they were little.  They loved Barney and I remember we used to always listen to the CD in their car so naturally I know all of the Barney songs.  Does anyone else remember the "Family" song?  If not, don't worry, I have a gem of a clip right here for you.  Check out the 90's clothes while you're at it!

I can't believe these are the boys I used to listen to Barney with.  I feel SO old!

I never thought I would refer to Barney in my blog but there is so much truth to that song.  Family IS love!  I am convinced God has us living in this temporary place to experience the love of relationships and family.  And I have come to learn through life experiences that family is not just blood.  It is formed in the beautiful process of adoption, it is formed in your faith community, it is formed in the deep bonds of friendship, it is formed in relationships that God creates and strengthens.

Last weekend was full of family and so much fun!  My cousin Jacob got married and it was such a beautiful wedding and a beautiful night filled with tons of love!  Just look at these two lovebirds! 


Welcome to this loud, crazy, loving, ridiculously large Gerber family, Kristi!

Here are some other pictures from the night that I wanted to share with y'all.  All of the photo credit goes to my amazing cousin, Kaitlyn.

My godson and nephew, Will
Love this one she got of us praying

My heart is so full when I see these cousins together

My beautiful parents who taught me the importance of family.  Side note - they "won" the prize for longest married couple at the wedding and offered words of wisdom to the bride and groom.  I think they have plenty to share seeing as how they just celebrated 35 years!
The cutest flower girls and ring bearer ever!

My gorgeous sister and her hubby

The beautiful woman who has held this family together for years and years!  I have no idea what I would do without her wisdom in my life.

 Me and my cousin Em Sue 

Me and my cousin Kaitlyn (obviously she does not get photo credit for this one)!  :)
Me and the hubs
Me and my cousin Elisabeth.  Oh, how I love this girl!
Cousins I have not seen in far too long (and have missed oh so much)!  I'm sad Brittany and Billy couldn't make it.
Gerber brothers and sister - I'm sure the brothers not pictured (in heaven) were looking down on us all and celebrating with us from heaven that night!

Can you believe this is minus a few?  I know!

"Family is not an important thing.  It's everything."
~Michael J Fox


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