Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Kid's Perspective on Mom Mornings

I know you moms (and dads) feel me when I talk about how chaotic some of my mornings can be trying to get myself and two kids up, ready and out the door...on time.  I previously wrote about one of my Mama Mornings if you want to take a read.

This morning was pretty similar.  I woke up with a killer sinus headache, took my shower and then went to wake up Garrison.  His room has been smelling super funky lately.  The only way I can think to describe it is dirty socks.  I really thought it was just that "boy smell" really starting to come out strong.  Let's be real - I knew he wouldn't smell like Johnson & Johnson lavender shampoo forever.  This morning the stench hit me again right when I opened his door.  I went to get a shirt out of his closet and stepped into a pile of wet clothes on the floor.  My boy is known for sleep walking so my first thought was that he peed in the closet last night instead of the bathroom.  I did the whole bring the shirt to my nose 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch and then took a small whiff and THERE IT WAS - the dirty sock aka mildew smell.  Apparently he has had a pile of wet clothes on his closet floor this whole time.  Whodathunk.  I did check the walls to make sure this was not a plumbing leak and thank goodness it wasn't.  I still have no idea where the water came from but with a 2 1/2 year old and almost 9 year old I really don't care to go through the whole investigation routine.  I was just excited to find the source of the smell. 

Moving on... as I was moving the wet clothes to the laundry room I look up to see one of my dogs squatting and peeing right in front of me.  Really?!  This dog has been potty trained for 10 YEARS by the way!  I ask Garrison to go let the dogs out while I clean up the mess.  I even go to the door and help him with the leashes (of course our fence is down from a recent storm).  I'm standing there in my tank top and underwear (I apologize for that visual) and with the door open he quickly hands me the leashes and announces he has to pee.  So I'm standing in the open doorway half naked.  Apologies to any passers by who may have witnessed this. 

We finally get things moving along and we are already about 15 minutes behind at this point.  Garrison, who is supposed to be brushing his teeth, comes into the kitchen with a toothbrush in his pocket and a mouthwash cup full of suds.  He starts singing a song that goes something like, "I'm the tooth fairy with a cup of beer."  What?!  I'm thinking... is it too early for a beer?  I go wake up Ethan and get him ready.  Garrison was sweet enough to let the dogs out for me.  Bags on, coffee in hand, Ethan ready...aaaaaand Garrison walks in with dog poop on his shoe.  I mean, C'MON!!!! 

I was so proud of myself for keeping my patience through all of this.  We finally get in the car and are headed to school (20 minutes late) and I am on the verge of tears.  Out of nowhere my almost 9 year old says this from the backseat.  "Mommy, we sure are lucky that we have a school to go to and you have a job to go to.  We are so lucky we have a house.  I know you have had a really hard morning but isn't it great to know that Jesus is always with us?!"  I put the car in park, looked right into that ridiculously wise boy's eyes and said, "Thank you.  I SO needed to hear that.  And you are SO right!"

Sometimes all we need is the perspective of a child to realize that life isn't all that bad!  ;)

And by the way, I heard this song just before I got to work.  I really don't listen to much pop music but every now and then there is a song like this that comes along.  And you can bet I cranked it up and danced like I had tinted windows and no one watching!

Happy Tuesday friends!  And to all you moms (and dads) out there - we are all in this together!


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