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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bullying~Confidence in Motherhood~Surgery

I know the title of this blog is all over the place but I did warn y'all these are "random" thoughts by Jewels. Ha!

I was watching part of The View the other morning and they showed about a 10 second clip of the new movie "Bully" and after 10 seconds I was literally crying my eyes out.  Here is one of the trailers.  I don't know why I am so sensitive to this issue.  I cannot remember even one instance in school where I was bullied, nor do I really remember paying much attention to any bullying that went on.  I have talked to some teachers who tell me that bullying has been over exaggerated and it is really not an issue in schools at all.  I am not on some type of crusade to expose bullying in schools.  I just know that it is a very real issue and as a mom it breaks my heart to even fathom either of my boys ever having to go through this. 

On the flip side I have told Garrison that if I EVER caught him being mean to or making fun of other kids there would be severe consequences.  I think as parents we need to be fully aware of how our kids are behaving and take responsibility and accountability for their actions.

A little boy in Garrison's class the other day pooped in his pants and some of the kids were making fun of him.  I asked Garrison if he made fun of the kid also and he said that he would never make fun of someone for doing that.  I asked Garrison if he stood up for this little boy and he said no.  I explained to him how maybe next time he can tell the kids it's not nice to make fun of people... I am trying so hard to teach my son not only to be kind to others but to stand up for others.  Just my two cents on the matter.  

I am not saying I am a perfect mother by any means but over the last six years I have learned how important it is to have confidence in your ability as a parent.  My husband and I are a team, no doubt about it.  That being said, I think it is so important that each parent in a family has the balance of nurturer and disciplinarian.  God forbid if something were to happen to one of us I know that we are both able to love, show affection and consistently discipline our children.  That is so important to me.

We definitely (and surprisingly with our different personalities) co-parent very well together.  I think one of the most important things we do is to NEVER contradict each other in front of Garrison.  For example, if Garrett tells Garrison he can't watch tv for the rest of the week for something he did at school and I think that is a harsh punishment I keep my mouth closed.  This doesn't mean I don't have a say in the matter... I will have my say later when Garrison is not around.  This just shows Garrison that we are a united team and will always be on the same page. 

It is so much easier on me to know that Garrison has the same amount of respect (and healthy fear) for me that he does his dad.  This just means that when Garrett is not around I have confidence that Garrison will continue to be well behaved and have respect for me.  Again, just my two cents and hopefully some helpful advice for those of you that may be starting out with kiddos.

I have ear surgery (stapedectomy) tomorrow.  I have a disorder called otosclerosis where over time I lose complete hearing.  This usually just happens in one ear but lucky me had it in both ears.  Thankfully this is correctable with surgery.  I had the surgery on my right ear 3 years ago and am just now having it on my left ear.  I would rather have 50 shots than throw up and with this surgery messing with my equilibrium there is definitely some serious nausea involved after the surgery.  I am not looking forward to it but I am SO looking forward to being able to fully hear again.  It has been 6 years since I have had full hearing.  Prayers are much appreciated for a successful surgery!


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