Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer Fun

I cannot believe school starts in a little over a week.  Where has this summer gone?!  My work schedule doesn't change during the summer months but being off on Fridays with both of my boys has been great! 

We went to Port Aransas, spent lots of time with family and had lots of pool days at my parents' house.  Garrison went to a summer camp offered through the school district and he absolutely loved it!  He went to that program three days a week (with a field trip every week) and spent Thursdays with my mom.  I think he especially loved those Grammy/Garrison days.  Today they are seeing TMNT - what a fun Grammy he has!  What's that?  You want proof?

'Nuff said! :)

Tomorrow we leave for DESTIN!  I'm so incredibly excited to be at the beach for an entire week with great friends!  Prepping for vacation is always so stressful but I have a feeling that will all be forgotten when my toes are in the sand. 

I wanted to share some recent pictures of summer fun we have had.  I always forget to post some of my favorites on the blog so I'm trying to get better about that.

We loved getting to see these precious kiddos two weekends in a row.  These two were taken at my Grandmama's 80th birthday bash!

Some of us after dinner.  This was probably only about 1/10 of the group.  What can I say?!  We've got a BIG family!
Ethan had some fun with mustaches, Kiki and Uncle Tony later that night.

While Uncle John had fun with a bird...
And the woman who is at the center of it all... my beautiful Grandmama!

My family seriously rocks!!!

Girls from my Life Group at church.  This was our last GNO with Robin.  We are going to miss this family SO much when they move to Colorado. 

We had a super fun day on the lake with some great friends.  Ethan and Avery are the same age and I just love watching them together.

Garrett "showing the boys how it's done" while tubing.  Ha!

Cassie and me - going on 20 years of friendship.  Wow, I feel old.  Love this girl... she still makes me laugh as hard as she did back in 7th grade!

Kiddos after a fun dinner. 

Unfortunately Garrison missed out on the fun because he was at Six Flags with his friend Cole.  He had a blast!
And this was Garrison and Cole a couple weeks earlier.  How cute are they?!

The other night Garrison asked if I wanted to sit out back with him, have a talk and enjoy the rainbow (aka sunset). When I walked out back I found him like this. Not only did he set up the chair for me but he, ever the gentleman, took the ice chest as his seat. I am savoring moments like this. ♥

We went to Chuck E Cheese for my niece's birthday dinner and Ethan had a blast dancing with creepy Chuck E Cheese.  Sorry, Chuck E, I think he stole the show!
It is taking forever to upload this video to my You Tube account so for now I will direct you to the link on my Facebook to watch it.
I hope you have all had a fantastic summer, too!  I feel so blessed to have amazing family and friends to share these good times with.

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