Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Boy Moms...Can I Get an Amen?!

I have always wanted boys.  I definitely have a guy's sense of humor.  I'm sure growing up around my dad's seven brothers had something to do with that.  I may have a bit of a crude mouth at times and I may or may not think farts are hilarious.  Call me unladylike (although I do know when to act like a lady).  Or call me a great boy mom!

There are many times where I am standing in the midst of a situation that I feel like only other boy moms can completely relate to.  Like...

When Garrison brought a frog into the car on our way to school one morning.  I turned around to find it jumping frantically all over my backseat.

When Garrison pulled the removable cup out of his baseball underwear in a restaurant and handed it to me like I asked him to pass the salt.

When Garrison had a sleepover and all of a sudden my house was full of ninjas and wrestlers.

When Ethan peed all over the bathroom and in my face while learning to potty train.

Or just last night when I walked in the bathroom to find Ethan in this position.

I thought he was just playing on his potty until he said, "I poo poo Mommy!"  Yep, he sure did! 

Apparently he wasn't finished because I walked in on him in this awkward position a couple hours later.

I let him have his privacy to finish his pooping, downward dog style.  When I went to check on him a couple minutes later he held up his finger which had an awesome surprise for me on it.  Thanks, E!

Nope, life is never boring with boys!

I'll take the dirt...

The crazy stunts... 

The mohawks...

The broken arms...

And the messy faces...

I really have no idea where they get it from though.

Here's to all you boy moms.  The ones who live in a world of farts, burps, dirt, sword fighting, couch jumping and constant chaos...and who love every single minute of it!  And a word of advice for those of you just starting to raise these crazy creatures we call boys - it's okay to laugh!


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