Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cousin Camp 2016

We had such a blast at Cousin Camp last month. It was so fun to be able to host this year! As always my sister worked so hard and planned a fantastic few days packed full of fun!  And Mama got to come this time too!  Yay!!!

I am so grateful God chose this girl to be my sister.  And these kids just make my heart happy.

This year we did something a little different and did video recaps of each day. Garrison went through my phone and deleted all the videos last week because he thought we didn't need them anymore. Sometimes I wonder about hat boy. Haha. But I went back and recreated the videos...and he's not allowed on my phone anymore for the record. :)

Wednesday night we just hung out at the house and Garrett let the big boys shoot the bee bee gun.

Thursday we went hiking in the state park right behind our house. We had lunch in town and then went to an awesome little water park at a local dude ranch. You read that right.

Friday we went to the Alamo, had lunch and a boat tour of the Riverwalk and even made it to the Wildlife Park.

Saturday we went to a creek near the house, watched a fantastic thunderstorm from the house and then went to dinner.

Sunday we went to church, had lunch and said goodbye.

Another successful Cousin Camp in the books with lots of laughs and memories made!  So grateful for my family!


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