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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Three Months? Too Long!

I cannot believe it has been over three months since I have posted.  I really, really miss putting my random thoughts onto paper computer screen so I will definitely try to post more regularly. in the world do I catch you up on the last three months?  I am still loving my (not so new anymore) job.  The people are awesome...seriously, awesome.  My boss is just amazing.  And I'm not just saying that because she might stumble across this post some day.  Ha!  I feel truly blessed to finally be at a place where I can stay for a long, long time.

Garrett is still loving his job and doing great there.  He also has another job that keeps him quite busy these days.  He is the head coach of a select baseball team in Rockwall.  Go Jacks!  I am loving Garrison being back in baseball after taking a season off and he and Garrett are both really enjoying all of the extra time together.  I am so proud of the way Garrett is teaching and encouraging these 9 year old boys.  And after leaving an incredibly close team I am grateful we have some really cool families on this new team.  Here are some baseball pics for ya'!

I mean, seriously, when did he grow up?!

Pretty cool shot Ethan got at one of the tournaments while playing with my phone.

Ethan's favorite part of the game is the "1,2,3 JACKS" chant at the end.  He had to be right there with the big boys!  :)

Go #8!  He is still working on batting but this boy is a crazy good catcher.  So proud!

My main man!  <3  

Oh, this guy...he always keeps us laughing (and keeps me running) at games.  I believe he was being a lion in this particular shot.  :)

After losing both of my grandmothers recently there have definitely been some sad times but I truly feel their presence every now and then.  And I love that so many happy memories are being created just after their passing.  My cousin and his wife brought a beautiful baby girl into the world, another cousin recently got married and another cousin will be getting married in a couple of weeks.  There is just something about family that makes everything right in the world.  <3

I have realized lately how incredibly blessed I am to have the extended family I do.  I always knew the Gerbers were a fun, loud, crazy, hilarious bunch but the amount of love that flows through this family is just beyond words.  I am forever grateful to God for placing me with them.

Me and a few of my fav cousins (and most favorite sister) after Kaitlyn's bridal shower.  

Me, the Bride to Be and Ethan... Don't mind those clothespins ;)

At Ashli's wedding...such a fun night!

This guy was a dancing fool!  And he looked like quite a stud, I must say!

We have had a lot of family time lately.  I wonder if these guys will ever realize how lucky they are to have such great grandparents.  Nana, where are you when I need a picture?!

We had a beautiful snow day earlier this year and it was so much fun getting to go out with the boys and play.

And I'll leave you with two of my favorite recent pictures of these adorable boys.  And again I say, God, what did I do to deserve these guys?!


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